About us

New Energy Let’s Go UG (hb), a private limited company under German law, was founded by Sven Bode as SPV for handling the patents of Heindl Energy GmbH.

Sven Bode studied in Hamburg and Bordeaux. After his degree in industrial engineering, he worked in the department of plant system design at Technical University Hamburg-Harburg on hydrogen fueled aircrafts. Subsequently, he worked as a research assistant at the Hamburg Institute of Economics (HWWA) in the area of energy and climate policy. He also worked for the Hamburgische-Electricitäts Werke (later part of Vattenfall) for 3 years in department energy concept future. He holds a PhD in economics of Hamburg University (you can find a list of publications and projects here).

In 2007 he founded his first start-up greenmiles, which offers specific advisory on how to make companies carbon neutral.. 2010 saw the founding of the legal-tech company flightright, which is the market leader in the field of air passenger rights enforcement in Europe and which was sold in 2019 to a strategiy investor. Today he is working as independent consultant mostly in the field of business process management in the legal industy.

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